[Hope·Embark] Method to Practice Delight 欢喜的修行法

Can we receive happiness only through our feelings? When we transcended our feelings and allowed our thoughts to embrace a positive state of mind and radiance, would this rigorous thought process be able to produce happiness too? In practice we should protect our three paths of action. Rejoice ourselves when we performed actions correctly and for actions not correctly performed, we should moderate inwards to subdue and repent on our incorrect actions. Subsequently we shall dedicate all our virtuous acts towards unsurpassed enlightenment. To sum up, in this way what we could clearly see are ourselves striding courageously on this expedition to abstain from wrong doings and cultivate virtuous acts. Till here, are you delightful?


《希望·新生》【四季法语】Winter #324 Winter · Four Seasons Words of Wisdom [Hope·Embark]

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  1. 希望・新生【四季法語】 – 福智文化心閱網
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