[Hope·Embark] Repentance Must Realise Cause of Fault 忏悔须知恶因

I must find out what was the 'cause'? Why do I always want to do this action? Is it proper at all? The buddha said that this action is not correct, why do I always want to do this? Do I have any reason at all? Think through it clearly. Repentance must be in this way. 必须要找到「因」是什么,为什么我一直要做这件事?到底合不合理?佛陀说这样做是不对的,为什么我一直要这样做,我到底有没有道理?把它想清楚!忏悔要这样。


  在这一段里,师父说:要有一个强烈的希望——「欲」。 请问什么是「强烈的希望」? 有感受过强烈的希望吗? 我们的内心? 不是一个淡淡的、可有可无的,而是必定要达到的、很炽盛的,那叫强烈的希望吧! 就是你全身心地都想要实现那个、想要得到那个。 所以师父接着又解释,欲是共通的,善的和恶的都是这样,但是世间的心——贪名、贪利、贪吃、贪睡这些是坏的,这不是好的。 此处的「欲」是善法欲,是要学佛,要力争上游! 它是一个强烈的希望、强烈的欢喜心。 [02′22″]

[Hope·Embark] Can Be Rejected Ten Thousands Times 可以一万次被拒绝

If we take this spirit of benefiting others and train it to become brighter and clearer, firmer and sturdier, purer and finer - solely for the sake that you can be happy, then we can move forward in a very open and candid manner. I can walk towards you ten thousands times and be rejected by you ten thousands times. The ten thousands and one time, I will come again. You are not at fault, it is me who have not found the method not to be rejected by you actually! 如果把这颗利他的心,训练得越来越皎洁、越来越坚定、越来越纯粹——只是为了你能快乐,那就可以非常坦荡地向前走。我可以一万次地走向你、被你一万次拒绝,第一万零一次我又来了。遇失不在你,是我还没有找到不被你拒的方法啊!

[Hope·Embark] Step-by-Step Diminishing Faults and Minute-by-Minute Producing Merits 步步减过分分生德

How do we grow happy lotus with pain and suffering under our feet? How does the breeze of liberation brush away the dust of afflictions? Merits are never incomplete, faults are never not distant from the beautiful moon, and when will our heart be bright and radiant? Step-by-step diminishing our faults, minute-by-minute producing our merits, gradually moving ourselves and hastening progressively, directly until enlightenment. 痛苦的脚下如何出生快乐的莲花?解脱的轻风怎样拂去烦恼的尘埃?功德无不圆、过失无不离的美月,何时胸中朗耀?步步减过,分分生德,渐行渐趋,直至菩提。

[Hope·Embark] Extraordinary Strength 非凡的力量

I must maintain a spirit with kindness and compassion, and I will never abandon them. I must always treat you well and I will not withdraw from it at all times. Kindness and compassion are much stronger compared to anger and hatred, and when compared to flames of fury. They are able to quickly melt all misunderstandings and they are as soft and gentle like water. Yet they have extraordinary strength. 我一定要坚持慈悲心,绝对不舍弃;要一直坚持对你好,永远不退。慈悲比嗔恨、比怒火更有力量,能把一切隔阂都迅速消融,它像水一样柔和,可是却力量非凡。

[Hope·Embark] Supplicate for Peace and Harmony Everywhere in our World 祈愿和乐遍人间

Supplicate that all the sentient beings in this world and in heaven are able to support one another and live in peace and harmony together. The young and strong ones are honest and hardworking, and the elderly ones are wise and compassionate. Respect the seniors and honour the virtuous ones, and protect the weak and young ones with kindness. The kindness and compassion of the buddha and bodhisattva are like caresses of the breeze, their kind thoughts are like shades of green willow, and their peace and harmony are like flowers blooming bright and beautiful. The mountains and rivers are like paintings gently scrolling open, and the warm feeling is like spring everywhere in our world. 祈愿人间天上所有的有情都能够互相帮助,和睦共处;少壮者勤奋正直、年长者智慧慈悲;敬长尊贤、慈佑弱小;佛菩萨慈悲的精神,如风吹拂,善意如柳绿成荫,和乐如花开似锦,山河如画徐徐展,暖意如春遍人间。


  师父在新版的《广论》里还是在解释这个「妙慧力」。 但在「妙慧力」里边,师父提出了一个「好脑筋」,说:「我们不是没有脑筋,也有很好脑筋的人,可是我们的好脑筋都用在坏的地方去了。 」想歪的事情想得灵光,接着师父说了几个字:「但是不能算是智能。 」他区分了一下琢磨事情琢磨得很灵光,和这个慧力是有差别的,不算是智能。 [02′30″]

[Hope·Embark] Opportunities to be Near Buddhas and Bodhisattvas 靠近佛菩萨的机会

The more predicaments we faced, the more opportunities we will have to remind ourselves to supplicate to the buddhas and bodhisattvas. Living in this way, every predicament will forge closer ties between us and the buddhas and bodhisattvas each time, and we will become so inseparable in the end! 碰到的困难越多,提醒自己向佛菩萨祈求的机会就越多,这样的活,每一次的困难都更加密切了自己和佛菩萨的联系,到最后就密不可分了!

[Hope·Embark] Cheer On! Virtuous Practitioner 加油!行善的人

Performing virtuous act is not an easy task. First we have to twist and turn the direction of our mind. Virtuous act on a breezing and sunny day is wonderful and heart-warming, and virtuous act in a period with chilly wind and bitter rain is even brighter and prettier like a rainbow. Virtuous practitioners! Cheer on! 行善並非易事,先要扭转自心的方向。风和日丽下的善行,美妙温馨,凄风苦雨中的善行,更如彩虹亮丽。无须停下脚步,行善的人们啊!加油!