BSc(CIS), MBA, BLI (ThinkBuzan), ACTA, Blended Coach (BLC), CC (TMI)

Your Life Is an Expression of Your Mind.  佛法就是活法——佛法就在红尘生活中修炼。👊😊🙏

A radiance advocate on mindfulness of body, mind and spirit 「身.心.灵.正念」.

Currently, I’m a freelance trainer in SkillsFuture courses and a lecturer on dharma, in particular, on facilitating teachings pertaining to Lam Rim Chen Mo in BW Monastery.
In addition, I am currently a Board member of BW Monastery. I was the Board’s Secretary General from 2014-2018 and was the President of LCS Toastmasters Club 2017/2018.

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